Can Obsessions be GOOD?

Kelley Hanson

I use the term 'obsession' pretty loosely - especially when referring to my current project or upcoming trip.  It seems like it can easily get a bad wrap, but why?

Ob-ses-sion (noun): an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.

What if the thoughts are good ones?  About travel?  Working out?  Crafting?  Although my brother thinks craft nights happen all too frequently, I think they don't happen often enough!

I think a Good Obsession is anything you love to do in your life that feeds your soul.  If you enjoy doing something, then spending time thinking about that something isn't a bad thing!  & my Good Obsessions may be completely different from yours - they may even change on the reg - that's okay.

My current Good Obsessions:

  • crafting
  • reclaimed wood art
  • traveling
  • fitness
  • yoga pants and workout gear

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