6 Month Business-versary!

Kelley Hanson

I'm THAT person who maxes out her iPhone storage frequently due to a trigger happy finger on the camera button.  So, when I have to download thousands of photos off my phone in order for it to function normally, they all just get put into a random folder on my desktop - for later - much later.

I was going through some old folders recently (just for fun, not organizing them) and came across some of the first pictures of my storefront at the Community Marketplace.  "WOW", was all I thought.  My little store went from a hobby, to an idea, to a registered business, to "IM OPEN FOR BIZ!" in less than a month.  Stock, time, and energy were limited, but my excitement was not!  That excitement was really what helped me power through the holidays - completing dozens of custom orders as well as filling the shop!  To see the pictures progress over the last 6 months is a pretty cool feeling for me.  And only fitting given that today marks exactly 6 months of being open for business!  Happy Anniversary to me! :-)  Enjoy the photos!


Built a work desk!

Moving into a larger unit... #321

Pallet wall up, ready for product!

Replaced the pegboard with a different take on the pallet wall.

Another expansion into a second unit!

Side by side units

Unit 323 filling up!

Unit 323 filling up!


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