My Go-To(ol)'s

Kelley Hanson

I always get asked, "so you use saws and everything?" - or questions similar - after laughing to myself and a sideways grin,  the simple answer is always "YES". So rather than doing a Q&A, I've simply done an "A" and have tried to answer all of the questions I've seemed to get over the last couple years, including my 5 favorite/go-to/can't-live-without tools at the end of this post! Enjoy :)

  1. Yes, I make my own projects.
  2. Sure, I suppose I am pretty handy.
  3. No, my husband doesn't make things for me to paint - I don't have one of those! ;)
  4. I never took a wood shop class or anything, but would LOVE to!
  5. I'd love to extend me learning by taking classes, but with my schedule it would probably be an online class. In the meantime, I am constantly learning things from online videos and what not.
  6. I've learned over the years from watching my brothers and my dad, but I teach myself a lot as I go.
  7. The most difficult build yet is probably the wine stave barstools I made for my mom. Tricky little buggers.
  8. No, I don't want to make those barstools for you too ;)
  9. AND LASTLY - the 5 faves - my go to tools - in no particular order:

Ryobi Impact Driver - because it's badass

Kreg Jig -  for the cleanest looking projects because of the pocket screws, which means.. no visible hardware! I use this for everything from small signs to coffee tables. (and, ladies.. I was a little intimidated by this when I first bought it, but I promise, it tells you exactly how to use it!) Check it out here.

Corner Cat Palm Sander - THE sander to have.  I was using a square one before, but this one just makes life SO much easier! Plus, cordless.

Jig Saw - because California cut outs are a MUST in my collection.

Sawsall - TIME SAVERRR on pallet destruction.. and time is money, so... thanks, Sawsall!

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