Tabletop Hook and Ring Toss Game

Good Obsessions

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Tabletop Hook & Ring is a game that can be enjoyed by many! Great for bars, breweries, coffee houses, family gatherings, or makes a great gift! This game is modeled after the traditional hook & ring bar game – where there is a ring and string attached to the ceiling, and a hook to the wall about 4 feet away. Some say it was Ernest Hemingway who invented the game while traveling to the Bimini Islands. Now you can have the same fun right on your tabletop! Disclaimer: it is known to be very addictive! ;)

The Details:

The game fits perfectly on your table and is lightweight – making it easy to pass your turn.
The game is roughly 7 ¼” wide, 9 ½” deep, and 15 ½” tall.
Each piece is precisely cut, sanded, and assembled.
Hook and ring are steel.
Rope is white in color.
Game is finished with a Special Walnut stain (medium-dark brown in color).

Rules: Traditional rules are 1 point for a ding, 2 points for the ring dinging the hook twice, and 3 points if you hook the ring. Play to 10, 50, 100 – whatever you decide!

Upon purchase, you will also receive Good Obsessions’ Tabletop Ring Toss Rules that make the game a little more…interesting.


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